About Us

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Allen Investigative Services, Inc. is a professional, highly skilled, full service Atlanta-based private investigative agency. We have private investigators with surveillance and investigative experience since 1973. Our professional male and female staff are experts in problem solving in civil/domestic, criminal and corporate investigations, as well being able to provide executive protection. We are also experts at utilizing Global Satellite Tracking, involving professional installation and thousands of hours of experience knowing how to read and interpret the data sent down from the satellites. We create state of the art solutions for clients with extraordinary needs and everything we do is completely confidential and discreet.

We maintain a close working relationship with all of our clients and are committed to seeing each case through to a successful conclusion. We work according to a strict legal and ethical code, and all evidence we collect is admissible in court. Our network consists of professionals in related fields and investigators that have strategic know-how as well as hands-on experience. We are experts at testifying in court.

Allen Investigative Services, Inc. is the most sought after private investigative agency in the metro Atlanta area. We also are able to provide services anywhere in the world. Call today for a free consultation and see why we are the first choice for all of your investigative needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your costs for services?

Our services begin with a no-cost consultation over the phone where we will discuss our rates and the overall approximate cost of the investigation or surveillance. We are up front about what these cases can cost and whether or not they are even worth pursuing.

Are we discreet?

YES! All information is completely confidential. In fact, client names are kept confidential, even from investigators. State law prohibits the agency or its employees from divulging any information about any case without express permission of its employer (client) or through an authorized tribunal.

We are licensed, bonded and insured.  Serving the private investigative needs of the Atlanta metro area and beyond.